Oekobon – the thermal paper of the future

We are delighted about your interest into the innovative Oekobon Till Roll. It is free of all chemical colour developers, such as any Bisphenols, or related compounds. Guaranteed!

Go ahead and use the outstanding advantages of our new product to ensure best comfort for your customer, to protect the environment and to protect our natural resouces. Please let us know if you are interested to receive further information – feel free to contact us.

100 % free of chemical colour developers and colour formers usually contained in thermal paper

Our thermal paper is approved for the direct contact with food, according to the Food Safety test by ISEGA.

Resistent against oil and water

Stable against UV light and with a lifetime of
more than 25 years

Paper from responsible forestry,
classified as FSC
® (FSC®-C106855)

The first tillroll for thermal printers
with approval for direct food contact is now available!

ÖKOBON® is made from Blue4est® thermal paper

manufactured by the Koehler Paper Group in Germany